The Wild Coast Part 4: Esperanza Inlet and Tahsis

We didn’t spend much time here, as we had to pick up Kelly from Tahsis. Esperanza Inlet and Tahsis Inlet form an inside passage around Nootka Island.

DSC_5668 Mitumi Princess
We found this wrecked fishing boat on an abandoned dry-dock at Queen Cove, a protected anchorage close to the entrance of Esperanza Inlet.

DSC_5673 Salmon Burgers
Salmon burger. You know you’ve eaten a lot of salmon when you take a perfect filet and make burgers out of it.

DSC_5684 Fuel Pipes
We stopped at the Esperanza Mission. They sold fuel too, which was much needed. We had the engine running fairly inefficiently at high throttle on the leg from Rugged Point to Queen Cove. We didn’t realize how far away the next fuel spot was. There wasn’t a fuel dock in Kyuquot, but there was Fair Harbour, but it’s a bit out of the way inside Kyuquot Sound.

DSC_5712 900 Horsepower
The rocketship, 900 horsepower of excessiveness. There was a sign saying: “Free Endervor Rocket ship ride. $500 per hour, maximum five people. Inquire at the office”

DSC_5721 Looking towards Tahsis
Looking back at Tahsis, a small town at the end of Tahsis Inlet. It had been raining pretty hard those couple of days. Kelly arrived that night, and we left the next afternoon.

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