Highlights from the Winter of 2013/2014

It’s all about the up.
We started off skiing over grass and rocks, up and down, in search of those elusive powder turns.
Early season conditions meant we could drive up high to the snowline.
While at Red Heather, skiing up was a better idea than sliding off the road.
The rickety orange chair took us to the top at Manning Park.
Snow coverage was thing through to early February, and then it started dumping.
With a dismal low-elevation snowpack, we were always looking for places with easy access. It’s hard to beat the Mount Baker ski area for that.
A week of powder, good food, awesome people, and sketchy avalanche conditions capped my winter.
Sometimes, boot packing was faster than skinning.
At least it was a nice day to take our skis for a walk to the top of Cloudburst.

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