Summer Solstice

Happy summer solstice! As Roland aptly puts it, “winter is just around the corner. From now on the days will be getting shorter and the nights, longer.” To celebrate the occasion, Mark organized a group of VOCer’s and friends to watch the sunset from the top of the Cypress ski area. This was the second year that I’ve gone up for the solstice sunset and I think I’ll have to continue doing this in the future. It’s just a great way to end a day of work.

A chain of emails and message board posts later, a few cars filled with eager skiers and hikers arrived at top of Taylor Way. Dynafits, alpine bindings, and telemark bindings!

A short fifteen minute hike in ski boots was required to reach the snow on Collins. We left the parking lot at 8pm, which gave us just enough time to get to the top before the sunset.

Ski time! Barren ski runs on Black Mountain in the background, along with English Bay.

Lena skiing up through grass and rocks on the way to the top of Sky Chair. There are so many lonely ski chairs waiting patiently for the snow to fall again.

Sunset through the trees.

Sunset over Howe Sound. Beautiful.

Silhouette of Lena and the solstice sunset.

Christian, dressed and ready for a ski traverse.


Bowen Island.

Happy solstice! We weren’t the only ones up here, but I’m surprised more people weren’t up here skiing. There must be other summer sports or something like that…

After enjoying the brief sunset and hot chocolate, we skied back down the way we came up. The skiing was actually pretty good.

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