Cayoosh Mountain

Nick, Stu, Ned, Sarah, Reagen, Davey, Paul, Susie and I went skiing on Cayoosh Mountain. A fun day out with great views, though it was quite windy at the top. The last time I was here, it was a complete whiteout on the entire ascent to the summit so it was nice to come back here to enjoy the views.

The famous Nick Elson went skiing with us today. It was quite cold in the shade.

Sarah on her way up the Armchair glacier.

Sunburst and high clouds over the Joffre Group.

This place is popular. We skied off the col just below the summit, instead of skiing off the rocky steep face directly below the summit.

Two other skiers climbing up towards another objective, with great views of Joffre, Matier, Hartzell and Spetch.

Ned lower down on the northeast glacier. We had hoped to ski the Million Dollar couloir, but strong winds and our group size made us re-think our plan.

We returned to the col. Davey, Paul, Nick and I continued up onto the summit while the others skied down the Armchair glacier. Sometimes fast and light is too light. Nick trimmed off the compression straps on his pack so he didn’t have a way to carry his skis. Luckily it was only a short bootpack to the summit. I was surprised by how much heliskiing there was on the northwest glacier.

A strange combination of a knee drop and a strong upward draft resulted in Davey getting faceshots on the rimed snow on the summit ridge.

Nick sliding downhill on a pair of planks. Definitely better than a day of bouldering. It was a fun ski back down through the avalanche pathes at the bottom of the armchair glacier, and we were back at the cars with plenty of daylight to spare.

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