Marriott Basin

Jan 8-9, 2011

A Duffey weekend in the sun with Agi, Lisa, Simon and Alex. With the special avalanche bulletin out, some worriesome snow layers and limited experience in the group, we kept things mellow but still fun. We skied some high quality snow on some low angle slopes, good times! I can’t wait to come back here when the snowpack is more stable, as there’s some good looking terrain!

Alex, Lisa, and Agi leaving the hut in the sunshine, ready to ski some sunny powder.
The clouds seemed to really like the basin though, and they never completely left. It did clear up at night giving us a spectacular starry night.
Alex and Simon skinning up to the col immediately north of the hut. The sparkles of snow were quite nice, and it never did stop snowing that afternoon.
Simon finds a nice pillow to jump off on the way down.
The snow was perfect in the trees.
Lisa skiing down.
Agi found herself a pillow to jump off too.
After two laps, we went back to the hut, to warm up with cheese, an awesome stirfry, and a chili chocolate fondue. It turned out to be Dave’s birthday too.
The next morning, we skied a short run on the sparsly treed ridge behind Alex and Lisa. The snowpack still seemed spooky and we were fairly cautious about any open slopes with lingering surface hoar, which we found 35cm down.
Bluebird weather and powder in the late morning meant smiles all around.
Lisa skiing down through some nice powder
Simon skiing down through some nice sunny powder

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