Iago Peak

Dec 11, 2010
Jay, Laura, Luisa, Tim, Leah, Mark and I spent the day skiing in the Iago/Great Bear area on the Coquihalla. Due to a late start and some deep trailbreaking, we didn’t explore all the slopes. There’s some great glade skiing here! Definitely a good spot to go when the weather isn’t so nice.
From the rest stop, follow the same route towards Zupjok Peak along an old road towards a forested pass. We went too high in the forest, when we really should have contoured lower to gain the gladed ridge on Iago. On the way back, we found a nice path through meadows and more open trees.

Jay skinning up towards the rounded summit of Iago, with Yak in the back.

Skinning up along the sparsly treed ridge to the summit of Iago Peak

Skinning up along the sparsly treed ridge to the summit of Iago Peak. Its possible to continue along the ridge towards Great Bear Peak, but those slopes down from Great Bear looked more exposed than what we wanted given the amount of new snow.

Fix the heel, fix the problem? Tim out on his first day on his dynafit setup. Another Aging Telemark bites the dust.

DSC_4151 Luisa at Iago
Luisa skiing down from Iago, some great snow in the glades.

Jay and Luisa enjoying some fun glade skiing!

It must be December. Luisa and Tim skiing out to the Coquihalla rest stop.

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