Skaha for Thanksgiving

Oct 9-11, 2010

Despite a foreboding forecast for Penticton, a few of us headed east in search of dry rock over the Thanksgiving weekend. It ended up being a good weekend of climbing while it was dry, and excellent wine tasting when it wasn’t!

Dan on Genetic Mirror, a fun 10c at the Fortress. The route goes up alongside the face crack, and then hits a smooth cruxy bulge at the top, fun! We climbed a few other routes at Red Tail, since we didn’t want to go too far in case it rained. One thing we noticed about people in Penticton, is that nobody wears goretex, or carries around an umbrella even when it’s raining. I wonder why.

As it turns out, a little bit of wax and some pine cones makes a great candle.

There was a brief moment of sunshine on Sunday morning, but then it started raining. The morning breakfast at our banquet-style table was abruptly interrupted when a strong gust of wind blew away one corner of the tarp.

So we went off to tour the wineries in Naramata, stopping at Mistral, Elephant Island, Nichol, Zero Balance, Poplar Grove, and Red Rooster. Definitely a good rainy day option!

One rainy day, nine climbers, six different wineries, many bottles of wine (and cheese)!

After touring the wineries, we headed back to the bluffs to get in two more climbs at the Fortress. Kira on Minor Skirmish, a fun 10b that starts with some steep stemming in a corner before stepping out onto the face above.

Dan on Timorous, 10b, at the Fortress. A fun route with slopy holds through some bulges at the top. So many more routes to climb! But we weren’t feeling like climbing anymore after the long hard day of wine touring, so we headed back to the campsite to cook up a feast, sans turkey.

Enjoying our campfire next to the lake at the Banbury campground.


The next morning, I joined PB&J at the Doctor’s Wall, and soon realized how long it had been since I climbed anything steep, sustained, and fingery. The sunshine sure was nice.

A few more photos

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