The Ultimate Everything

Aug 16, 2010

I was away working during the best days of summer in Squamish, but I did manage to squeeze in a few good days near the end of August. Lisa and I climbed up the new start to the Calculus Crack, which is way better than the old jungle climb through the trees. And then up the South Arete and onto the Ultimate Everything. I miss that feeling of sunny granite.

A few days later I climbed up what is likely the easiest combination of routes up the Chief, first going up the re-cleaned Slab Alley, and the new Squamish Buttface.

The first couple pitches aren’t very interesting, but it gets better once you’re on the slabs and out of the forest.

The scenic traverse, with views high above Howe Sound. I was glad I took the day off and didn’t sit inside an office on this beautifully sunny day.


Lisa on the steep juggy dyke pitch. The apron sure looks flat from up here.

Lisa on the final traverse pitch, it’s a tad pumpy going underneath the roof.

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