Steep Creek

Sarah, Sarah, Paul, Justin, Jeff and I headed up to Steep Creek on the Duffey Lake Road to enjoy some great skiing during a period of sunny weather and low avalanche hazard. Lots of skiing for little slogging, a little bit different than some of my trips.

Paul on the way up to Peak 2318, with Darkside lake below.


On the way up to Peak 2318.

Still going up

DSC_3040 Kick Turns

Paul B making a kick turn on the way up to Peak 2318, on the east side of Darkside Lake.

Jeff happy to be outside

DSC_3063 Pink Sunglasses
Bootpacking to the top of Peak 2318. Sarah needs pink poles to go along with her MEC sunglasses.

Paul B skiing off Peak 2318.

DSC_3130 The Posse
The posse

Looking towards the Joffre group

Sarah’s blue steel pose.

Steep Creek
Paul B enjoying some magic hour turns at Steep Creek. This photo was taken while skiing down the west facing gullies on the Peak northeast of Peak 2318. A rather enjoyable descent.

Sarah on the way up to Steep Peak. We skied off the peak in the back with the avy pathes the previous evening.

DSC_3216 Steep Peak
Sarah and Sarah skiing towards Steep Peak. There’s a few really steep lines that you can ski down off the left if you’re so inclined.

DSC_3243 Nearing the Edge
Justin B getting close to the edge of large cornices on the way up to Steep Peak

Jeff on the way home.

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