It’s almost Christmas

A fun night of good food and gift exchanging with friends. Some of the gifts were pretty funny! All photos shot with my new Nikon 35mm F1.8 lens. It’s a fun little lens to use, and it works better indoors than the 50mm F1.8 because of the shorter focal length.

DSC_1685 Christmas Bokeh
Testing out the bokeh on the lens wide open

DSC_1691 Jordan

So much good food

DSC_1716 Double Fist
I hope this man isn’t driving you home

DSC_1731 Rick
Rick hanging out in the living room



Dan drawing numbers of the order of picking presents


Colin resting happily on his beers

DSC_1818 Truth or Dare
Ben with his adult version of Truth and Dare

Mike ended up with these two Harlequin romance novels, Bargain wife, and Peacock in the Jungle. Also, a bottle of red wine, and a tube of KY Jelly.

DSC_1837 Bathtime Fun
Evan, ready for some bathtime fun. But um, a banana?

DSC_1840 Sacrebleu
Champagne not looking too happy about his backcountry dinner. He’ll be happy next time he’s in a rush and can’t be bothered to plan a dinner.

DSC_1858 Blue Steel
Blue Steel

DSC_1725 Blue Steel
Blue Steel again

Jordan, trying to blast off?

DSC_1877 Foamy

DSC_1893 Employment Opportunities
Ran opening his horizons for potential jobs.

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