Boxing Day Deals at Mount Seymour

Doug and I found a great deal skiing at Mount Seymour on Boxing Day, free corn and sunshine. A great day!

The great thing about Seymour is that you don’t have to wake up early for it. We had an proper alpine start, starting at noon from the parking lot. While Vancouver was shrouded in dense fog, the mountains were completely sunny and warm. It was well above freezing up there. It might be the end of December, but it sure felt like April.

DSC_2211 The Big D
It was nice and sunny.


Doug, wishing he brought his coltex skins for today. His G3 skins were balling up quite badly and lost traction on some of the steeper snowshoe trampled tracks.

Lots of people out having fun sliding down stuff.

Doug taking a self portrait

Spring like lounging at the top of Brockton Point. We saw somebody ski down the face off Pump Peak, by this time of the day it looked like it had softened down to slushy corn.

Above foggy Vancouver, with the skyscrapers barely sticking out. I was wishing I had a telephoto to get a good shot of the city.

Fun soft corn on the groomers.

Skiing down at sunset. What a beautiful sunset with the fog layer below, and the skyscrapers barely sticking out.

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