Thanksgiving in Squamish

Fall can be really nice for climbing in Squamish. The friction is awesome, it’s not crowded, and it might even be sunny. The Thanksgiving weekend spent teaching VOCers to climb at Longhike, which isn’t actually a hike, but just a big chaotic weekend of climbing/partying in Squamish.

Emily looking for a good nut placement at the base of Krack Rock. The routes aren’t great here, but it’s never busy, and there’s an abundance of gear-swallowing cracks at the base, perfect for learning.

Hannes and Svenja looking for a placement

The forecast was calling for 5C, and cloudy, or something wintery like that.

Boris, at the base of Krack Rock.

DSC_9997 Human Horse
Buck Buck. It’s starting to become a Longhike tradition, on par with with table climbing, penny pushing, human bouldering, and candy necklaces.

Bring your own measuring cup.

On Monday, I went back up to Squamish to enjoy the last good climbing day of the season up there. We actually went to the Bluffs since it was too “cold” to go anywhere else, but finished off the day with some boulder problems that I hadn’t checked out before in the Grand Wall forest.

Sarah on Heartbreak Hotel V3. None of us actually finished this problem. We didn’t want to commit to the moves in fear of the neck-snapping rock below the crux. It’s hard too!

DSC_0089 Seth on Tradkiller V4
Seth Adams on Trad Killer V4. A fun route, starting with a sitdown start, and going up an overhanging arete/face with crimpers.


Sarah Hart on a fun juggy V1.

That evening the Man5ion (a house with five guys) was hosting a rock paper scissor tournament. It took almost two hours to go through the 153 rounds, not including the final rounds.

Champange keeping track of the matches.

Rock paper scissors, or fist fight?

DSC_0174 Strategy
Ran and Champagne discussing strategy.

An intense battle. Both of them made it to the final rounds, but Ran defeated Christian in the end.

DSC_0279 Food Fight
When excessive food doesn’t go inside of anyone anymore, it goes outside of you.” Ran

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