The Wild Coast Part 6: Hot Springs Cove to Tofino

We sailed from Friendly Cove, around the Hesquiat Peninsula, across to Hot Springs Cove, and finally to Tofino. We spent two nights at Hot Springs Cove, a beautiful spot accesible only by boat or floatplane.

DSC_5951 Sailing towards Hot Springs Cove

Sailing towards Hot Springs Cove

DSC_5965 Public Dock at Hot Springs Cove
Public dock at Hot Springs Cove. There’s no charge to moor here, which was a nice charge from most of the docks everywhere else.

DSC_6013 Underneath the hot waterfall
The crew of the Salus hanging out underneath the hot waterfall draining into the hot springs.

DSC_6037 Sunset Departure
Floatplane taking off at sunset. The hotsprings, only 30 miles from Tofino, are quite a popular tourist attraction. Several companies bring tourists here via floatplanes or whalewatching boats.

Intertidal zone below the hot springs

DSC_6094 Kelly
Kelly walking along the 2km boardwalk from the hotsprings to the dock.


DSC_6154 Rich

DSC_6158 Sunset on the way to Tofino
Sailing to Tofino at sunset. We made it to Tofino just as the sunset, avoiding the numerous sandbars on the approach in. Ed left the boat in Tofino, and we caught the Tofino bus home to Vancouver the next day. What a great trip!

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