Marriott Basin Ramblings

Ben, Frances, Meghan, Adam and I spent two days rambling in the Marriott Basin. We left Vancouver late Saturday morning, and drove up to the Duffey Lake road. The hike into the Wendy Thompson hut is quite pleasant, with abundant blueberries along the way. The next day we woke up early and scrambled to the top of Mount Marriott via the friendly south ridge The route gets three stars and a moderate rating in Matt’s book. I can’t wait to come back here to ski.

DSC_7469 High quality reading material
We were stuck behind construction for almost an hour on the way through Whistler. I guess Saturday afternoon depatures aren’t the greatest idea. At least we had something to read, the Fairley’s guidebook was at my feet.

DSC_7556 Lower Marriott Lake
The first lake encountered on the hike up to the Wendy Thompson hut. There are numerous other lakes and tarns in the Marriott basin, but this is one of the bigger ones.

DSC_7561 Reflection
Reflection of fall colours in the lower Marriott lake.

DSC_7571 Onions
Meghan preparing ratatouille for dinner. It was a great evening out, hardly any bugs at all.

DSC_7634 Alpine rambling
Frances hiking along in the Marriott basin. We stayed at the Wendy Thompson hut the previous night, and hiked up to the top of Mount Marriott the next morning.

DSC_7672 Headwaters of Spruce Creek
Looks like a beautiful valley to explore

DSC_7705 Cayoosh Mountain
Ben takes panoramic views on the way to Mount Marriott. The north glacier on Cayoosh is suppose to be an amazing ski. Fred and I skied Cayoosh a few years back, but we went down the east side. The views weren’t quite as spectacular though, we were in a whiteout

DSC_7768 View West from Mount Marriott
Looking west from the summit of Mount Marriott towards the Place Glacier group.

DSC_7811 Frances
Headwaters of Spruce Creek, and the Cayoosh Range

DSC_7814 Hiking in the Cayoosh Range

DSC_7836 Rambling Terrain
Mount Rohr is the one with some snow left on it, everything else is pretty dry…

DSC_7790 Group Shot
Group shot, Frances stayed behind at the bottom of the south ridge.

DSC_7846 Hiking along the ridge crest
On the way down

DSC_7874  Hiking in the Marriott Basin

DSC_7898 Slabs and Water
We went swimming in that lake, the best way to describe it would be refreshing

DSC_7936 Marriott Basin

The shiny thing at the bottom is the Wendy Thompson hut

Hiking in the Marriott Basin. I like the contrast between the granite slab, and the hilly basin behind.

DSC_7985 Say Cheese
Say Cheese. Group shot outside the Wendy Thompson hut, located in the Marriott basin off the Duffey Lake road.

DSC_7997 Joffre
View towards Joffre from the end of the road

DSC_8003 Splitz Grill
Splitz grill for burgers.

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