Brohm Ridge Tour

Pete, Jeremy, Sarah, Jay, Louisa, Louisa’s friend, and I went for a scenic tour up at Brohm ridge. Normally this isn’t the place you would go for skiing, unless either you could drive up the road, or own a snowmobile. We tried to drive as far as we could with Pete’s truck. However, without chains, we only made it up 5km. So we all piled up into Jay’s truck with chains, and drove another kilometre or too. The way up to Brohm ridge follows an old road heavily used by snowmobiles later in the season. Unfortunately there is one descent enroute, meaning one final hill on the way home. 

I’m not really sure where the good skiing (if any) is at Brohm ridge. We found one bump, cranked out a few turns on it, and decided to go to the Brew Pub. At least the views were fantastic, especially of a rarely seen aspect of Garibaldi. 

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